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IBEX Publications in Scientific Journals

Cover of the journal Science

This is the cover of the journal Science, as it appeared in October 2009, when the first major “IBEX Ribbon” science results were published.

Image Credit: Science/IBEX Team/The Adler Planetarium

The IBEX science team publishes scientific papers based on results from the IBEX mission in well–respected journals such as Science, Astrophysical Journal, Space Science Reviews, the Journal of Geophysical Research, and others. A full list of the papers published since 2004 is available in this section of the website. We update the list every few months.
If you would like to read any of the papers, please contact the publisher and take note of the date, volume number, page numbers, and/or any other relevant information noted in the citation. For many of the publications, a subscription to the journal or a pay–per–access fee may be required.
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