IBEX Data Release 11

This data release incorporates IBEX data products from three publications in 2016. The data includes interstellar oxygen parameters for 2009 and 2010 from Schwadron et al. (2016), spin-angle count rates for the warm breeze fit from Kubiak et al. (2016) and all-sky maps of secondary interstellar helium and oxygen from Park et al. (2016), as well as additional supporting data products.

Determination of Interstellar O Parameters Using the First Two Years of Data from the Interstellar Boundary Explorer

by Schwadron et al.

Interstellar Neutral Helium in the Heliosphere from IBEX Observations. IV. Flow Vector, Mach Number, and Abundance of the Warm Breeze

by Kubiak et al.

IBEX Observations of Secondary Interstellar Helium and Oxygen Distributions

by Park et al.

Figure 11 of Schwadron et al. 2016
Figure 3 of Kubiak et al. 2016
Figure 4 of Park et al. 2016